Deciding to have a baby

As you prepare for pregnancy, there are many decisions you will need to make including:

Deciding to have a baby is a major decision and can be a life changing event. The first step in planning a pregnancy is considering how a baby may impact on the life of you and your partner.

Some of the things you may like to consider include:

  • How will a baby impact your relationship?
  • Do you plan on being a single parent?
  • Are you financially ready to have a baby and raising a child?
  • Will you be able to have maternity leave or will you still work when the baby is born?
  • Will you need childcare support?
  • Do you have friends and family who can support you and the baby?
  • Are your parenting values compatible with your partners?
  • When do you plan to have a baby?
  • Are you physically ready to have a baby?
  • Is where you live suitable for raising a baby?
  • Do you have access to transport with a baby?
  • How many children would you like to have?
  • Why would you like to have a baby?

Having time to plan for a baby is valuable, but most pregnancies are unplanned. Fortunately, even if you fall pregnant sooner than you anticipate, you will have many months to prepare for the birth of your baby.