Just Pregnant

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Pregnancy can be an exciting and anxious time as you consider a range of issues and your body begins to change. You may have a range of questions already, or you may still be wondering what questions you should ask.

In the following web pages we have addressed some of the things you may like to know such as diet, exercise, vaccinations and choosing an obstetrician.

More than 60% of all pregnancies are unplanned. If you are pregnant and it was unplanned it does not necessarily mean that your health, or the health of your baby has been placed at risk. If you have any concerns, simply speak to your doctor.

You probably have many questions. The information below will help with some answers. You can also download the information as a PDF, wherever you see this symbol: pdf_button

You should also look at information on Choosing an Obstetrician in the Planning a Pregnancy section of this site.