Sex after the birth of your baby

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After the birth of my baby, when could I begin having sex again?

You can begin having sex as soon as you feel ready. Research has shown that couples who communicate well, before and after pregnancy, are more comfortable discussing the issue. Talk to your partner about when you feel ready to have sex.

Is it normal not to feel like having sex after giving birth?

It is completely normal to have a low libido after giving birth. The birth and the demands of being a new parent can be stressful and extremely tiring. It is not unusual for women to delay having sex for several weeks or months after the birth of a new baby.

Is sex after birth painful?

Sex after birth may be painful for the woman due to stitches or vaginal dryness. Once the woman feels physically recovered from the birth, sex should be comfortable. This may take up to six or eight weeks if there has been significant suturing of vaginal tearing.

How can my partner and I make sex after birth more comfortable?

Using lubricants may make penetration less painful and should help enhance the experience. Couples should try different positions so that there is no pressure on the perineum, the lower abdomen (if a caesarean section was performed) or breasts. Often an orgasm may stimulate the ‘let down’ reflex, resulting in milk leaking from the woman’s breasts.

How soon after giving birth is it possible to fall pregnant?

You could fall pregnant immediately after giving birth. If you do not wish to fall pregnant you should consider what contraception you would prefer to use after birth. Please discuss your options of contraceptive with your doctor.